Next generation of decentralized networks.

This is my work

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and support solutions that help to improve the efficiency and security of decentralized technology protocols. At the moment we are focused on the blockchain registry infrastructure, where we are working on a solution that allows you to compress the blocks.

This new smart communication protocol ,can be applied across all decentralized technologies. We believe that this new model ,will be a great contribution to the good segment of decentralized networks.For, the blockchain dimension is a crucial factor for network performance, requiring a mutual set of collaboration on the part of the whole community to change this paradigm.

Recalling that we started working on the network with conventional protocol, through Volpcoin v.1.0 beta. This is the first stage of development, where it will be the test of a symbiosis between the main networks.

Soon we will provide the source code, which is not yet available, due to a series of tests that is being performed in the adaptation of our protocol.


The Volpcoin Project

Currently, our team is small and we need volunteers , who are willing to collaborate to amplify this new concept. We are receptive to receiving any collaboration from professionals, enthusiasts, developers and experts interested in supporting this project that will be easily accessible worldwide and free of charge.

We are making this appeal based on the need to make this new technology available to the public free of charge. If for some reason community support is not possible, it is likely that this project will pass to the private sector so that we can not guarantee open source availability.

If you want to be part of this project, you can contribute in the following way:

(Obs: A development of a roadmap will be soon available)

• Promoting our project;

• Contributing with development;

• Suggestions for improvement;

Your opinion and collaboration is essential to the success of this project. Because we believe that we as humans beings are a big decentralized network.

This is the reason why we believe that its help is fundamental to continue the evolution of a secure, stable and autonomous network.